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What happens if I ignore or miss the response deadline to reply to the complaint?

Video Transcription:

It depends on what type of complaint you’ve missed or ignore the deadline to. If you have missed the deadline to respond to an initial complaint from the department either of health or the DBPR then likely they’re going to find probable cause and an administrative complaint will be filed against your license. If however you’ve missed the deadline for the administrative complaint, what you’re looking at is the department will likely waive any defenses that you might have and they will assume it’s true all facts taken in the complaint. The third type of complaint that could be missed or ignored as far as the deadline goes is a regular civil case. If you miss a deadline to respond in a civil case a judgement may be entered against you and again all allegations in the complaint will be taken as true. If you found yourself in the situation where you’ve missed or ignored a deadline I would highly recommend you contact an attorney because there are things that an attorney can do to help rectify the situation.

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