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Discrimination is Rampant


Discrimination in the workplace comes in various shapes and sizes. Not everyone is like minded and much of this nation is a diverse melting pot of humanity. However, with this extreme diversity in physical and ideological traits comes the opportunity for discrimination and prejudice. The reality is most places of work believe that they are safe places of business and provide a discrimination-free workplace, and this may be the case on the surface; however, as you pull back the layers deep-rooted discrimination is often revealed.

The Reality

Once individual employees have the opportunity to speak freely behind closed doors, it becomes quickly apparent that numerous instances of blatant discriminatory talk frequently goes unpunished. The unfortunate reality is that this type of speech turns into discriminatory action far too often. Some of the most common forms of discrimination come in the form of a mindset that different races, genders, ages, or sexual orientations are inferior. An individual who embodies these discriminatory sentiments or believes them will undoubtedly be guided by these false premises. Therefore, hirings, promotions, and raises will all be influenced in one way or another regardless of whether it is readily apparent.

The Law

There are numerous laws in place to prevent discrimination, and in many cases they certainly help protect workers. However, the reality is that virtually every workplace in the nation has had instances of discrimination in some form or another. Discrimination is often tough to see and even tougher to identify, therefore, creating and upholding laws that prevent discrimination is extraordinarily difficult to achieve. Our society is going through a reform like never before where discriminatory practices are being called out at an unprecedented pace, but the reality is one case of employment discrimination is too many and the process of totally eradicating discriminatory practices will be a long uphill battle.

What Should You Do?

The most important thing an employee or business can do to prevent discrimination is to be cognitive and aware of how rampant discrimination truly is. Turning a blind eye to the issue only makes the matters worse. Therefore, if you are in a situation where you see or suspect discrimination, it is critical that you speak up and stand up for the victimized individual’s rights. When in doubt, contact an employment law attorney to explain your situation and learn if anything can be done to seek monetary compensation for the suffering that discrimination can cause.

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If you are looking to ensure you are providing a discrimination free workplace or you believe you have been the victim of employment discrimination, it is important that you seek the counsel of an experienced employment law attorney. Employment law is vast and complex and federal and state law lay a solid framework to ensure each American worker receives the protection they deserve. Clearwater-based Dilla Employment Law, P.A. can work with you to evaluate your unique situation and formulate the course of action that will work in your best interest. Ensuring you are working and operating within the law is extremely important, if you have questions or concerns about your operations do not take these lightly contact Dilla Employment Law today for a free consultation.

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