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Clearwater License Defense Attorney for Doctors, Nurses & Other Professionals

As a licensed professional, your license is essential to your ability to practice your chosen profession. Unfortunately, complaints can be brought against professionals for any number of reasons by a number of different persons and entities, and any complaint can put your license in jeopardy. Dilla Employment Law can help by representing you throughout the Florida administrative complaint process, from the initial investigation to board meetings and all the way to representing you in administrative hearings in Tallahassee if needed. Attorney Amie Dilla has years of experience defending Clearwater professionals in licensing and discipline matters. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Dilla Employment Law represents doctors, nurses, contractors and a host of other professionals before their respective board, commission or agency. Our Clearwater professional license defense attorneys appear before the following agencies, among others:

  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
  • Florida Department of Health
  • Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
  • Florida Real Estate Commission
  • Florida Department of Financial Services

Litigation is not always needed, and many times an initial complaint can be resolved without resorting to the formal administrative hearing process. As an experienced mediator who has advocated for her clients in countless mediations, Amie Dilla has the skills and experience to work with agency representatives and successfully resolve complaints at an early stage. When litigation is required, Amie Dilla applies her years of trial experience to providing strong, effective representation before Administrative Law Judges as well as boards and commissions such as DBPR or the Department of Health.

The Process of a DBPR Complaint

Complaints can be initiated in many different ways, including by individuals, government agencies, insurance companies, or as an outcome of requirements for routine statutory reporting. When a complaint is filed with DBPR, it is first analyzed by a Complaint Analyst in the DBPR legal department. Next, a field investigation is conducted by the appropriate licensing agency – hopefully by an investigator who is experienced investigating complaints in your area of licensure.

So far, all of these steps may be going on without you having any idea that a complaint has been filed against you. When you do receive a letter from DBPR that notifies you of a complaint, the process has already reached the stage where a full investigation is going to be conducted. You should be informed at this time of the basis for the complaint, including the identity of the complainant and the applicable law or regulation you are accused of violating.

The full investigation process typically involves interviewing the complainant and witnesses, and obtaining relevant documents and records. The investigator may wish to interview you as well, and it is up to you to decide whether to consent to an interview. Your attorney can help you make this decision.

When the investigation is complete, a report of the investigation is reviewed by staff attorneys who have experience prosecuting the type of case you are involved in. The staff attorneys conclude with either a proposed Letter of Closure or a suggested Administrative Complaint. This recommendation is reviewed by a DBPR probable cause panel, which is usually two or three members of the agency which regulates your license. The panel will vote either to close or prosecute your case, or possibly issue a Letter of Guidance, which may contain an admonishment but is not considered a form of disciplinary action against you.

If the decision is to proceed, a formal Administrative Complaint may now be filed with specific charges against you. You can request a formal hearing at this time. The initial hearing will be before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) from the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH). This is a formal hearing, with witnesses and evidence presented to the judge by attorneys for both sides, although the rules of the proceeding may not be as strict as a hearing in court.

After the hearing, the ALJ submits a recommendation to the board, commission or agency which regulates your license. This board will hold a hearing or meeting where it will decide to accept, reject, or modify the ALJ’s recommendation. You are entitled to be present at this hearing and argue why the ALJ recommendation should be accepted, rejected or modified. The decision of the board is final, with only limited ability to appeal on certain narrow, procedural grounds.

Helping Clearwater Professionals Fight to Keep their License and Reputation Intact

Our Clearwater license defense attorneys are here to represent you at every stage of the process, from informal resolution discussions with field agents to formal hearings in Tallahassee. If you have received a notice of complaint from DBPR, the Department of Health or other agency, call 727-248-6624 for a free consultation and immediate assistance protecting your valuable professional license.

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